GUANDONG ARCHIE HARDWARE CO., LTD, founded in 1990, is located at Chang Hong Ridge Industrial Park, Dali, Nanhai, Foshan in the picturesque and economically developed Pearl River Delta with an area of about 130,000 square meters. ARCHIE mainly manufactures Building Door Locks, Bathroom Accessory, Door Hardware and Furniture Hardware in 16 series of more than 2000 varieties, including Mortise Door Lock, Glass Door Lock, Smart Lock,Bathroom hardware, Bathroom Fittings, Door Control Hardware, Glass Hardware, Door Closer, Floor Spring, , Furniture Lock, Furniture Handle, Drawer Slider, Hinge and Hardware Joint. ARCHIE introduces popular material like zinc alloy, aluminum, copper and imported stainless steel with our advance surface treatment technology, makes our products durable and elegant. We have unique designs, special styles, streamline shapes as well as charming appearance while most are our own patents. The joint parts are designed in a standardized way so they can be widely used. In addition, the functions and structures of ARCHIE’s products are match and even superior to the related industry standards.
ARCHIE insists on introducing advanced test and production equipments and has set up a mechanic test center, a chemistry center, seven large workshops of Tooling, Die-Casting, Machinery, Polishing, Powder Coating, Electroplating and Assembly which owns more than 1000 equipments inside. We have also set up our auto-coating, plating, powder coating and lacquer production lines of which foreign experts work as our consultants.
ARCHIE has always been pursuing and insisting on following the way of being headed by technology, developing with scales, sticking on professional quality and providing brand service by insisting on high efficiency marketing and boarding market network. We concentrate on market innovation, band image set-up and the consummation of our agent service system to provide all kinds of terminal service. Our products are not only sold well in our domestic market, but also exported to more than 50 countries and regions abroad. Currently, we have more than 100 first dealers with nearly a thousand franchise shops in China.



In recent years, ARCHIE has made a stable, healthy and continuous development. Our products have made great achievements in both domestic and overseas markets. Our efforts result in positive feedback from consumers and numerous honors from the government and the industry such as “National Quality Products”, “China Famous Products”, “ China excellent Lock manufacturer”, “Guangdong Customer-satisfied Products”, “The Top 10 hardware quality brand of china” and so on. In 2001, we have passed the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification and passed the ISO14001 and HSAS18001 registration of CCIC in 2007. Today, the brand “ARCHIE” has been honored as the “China Well-known Trademark” as well as “Guandong Famous trademark”.
In the year of 2007, in order to achieve the target of market share and sales and finally make ARCHIE the top brand in China or even around the world, ARCHIE planed to spend three to five years to introduce professional modern brand managements, improve interior sales strength, set up the comprehensive market team and sales system, develop market-oriented products system and the high efficiency logistic system.
In the year of 2009, ARCHIE keeps expanding its sales coverage by setting up more than 230 new franchise shops in the nation. To support the sales of intelligent products, ARCHIE set a service center and a training center in its headquarter. Additionally, a service center is founded in east of China. Advertisements of ARCHIE can be easily seen on CCTV4, Zhejiang TV, the internet as well as several well-known professional magazines. Because of these, the brand recognition of ARCHIE has become the top in hardware trade.
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